Yttria-Stabilised Zirconia

  • While working at MEC as a chief scientist, Research and Development, Dr. Tailor developed the controlled segmented Yttria-Stabilised Zirconia (YSZ)-Plasma sprayed coating technology, which according to him could reduce the thermal spray coating cost by almost 50%.
  • In simple language, vertical cracks (segmentation) in the coating are beneficial for gas turbine engine application used in spacecraft.
  • At present, researchers are developing such cracks through very expensive processes (in several crore) and cracks are generated during the coating deposition process, and crack generation is not controllable.
  • The outcome of the reported R&D presented an inexpensive solution for superior survival of current YSZ thermal barrier coatings produced by atmospheric plasma sprayed (APS) technique, and had a potential of wider industrial/strategic acceptability.


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