Yuktdhara Portal


  • Recently, the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for the Ministry of Science and Technology has released the Yuktdhara Portal under Bhuvan.

About Yuktdhara Portal

  • It is a Geospatial Planning Portal meant for facilitating Gram Panchayat Level planning of MGNREGA activities across India.
  • Yuktdhara Portal
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    It is aptly named as word ‘Yukt’ is derived from Yojanam, the planning and ‘Dhara’ indicates the flow.

  • It is a culmination of untiring joint efforts of ISRO and Ministry of Rural development made towards realizing a G2G service for rural planning in support of decentralized decision making.
  • Yuktdhara based plans will be prepared by grassroot functionary and verified by appropriate authorities for relevance and resource allocation.

Significance of Yuktdhara Portal

  • It will facilitate planning of new MGNREGA assets using Remote Sensing and GIS based information.
  • It will serve as a repository of assets (Geotags) created under various national rural development programmes i.e. MGNREGA, Per Drop More Crop and Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana etc., along with field photographs.
  • It integrates wide variety of thematic layers, multi-temporal high resolution earth observation data with analysis tools.
  • The planners will analyse previous assets under various schemes and facilitates identification of new works using online tools.

Back to Basics

About BHUVAN Portal

  • It is the national Geo-portal developed and hosted by ISRO comprising of Geo Spatial Data, Services and Tools for Analysis.
  • It has many versatile features such as:
    • Visualization of Satellite Imagery and Maps;
    • Analysis;
    • Free Data Download; and
    • Download Reports to name a few
  • The Satellite Imageries are of Multi-sensor, Multi-platform and Multi-temporal in nature can be visualized in 2D and 3D.
  • Varieties of thematic maps are also hosted for analysis of various natural resources themes.
  • Bhuvan platform supports many applications that address Governance and other Geo Spatial applications that are being used by the Central and State Governments Departments, Academia and Industry.

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