Inter-State Council (ISC)

Inter-State Council (ISC)

➖ The Constitution of India in Article 263, provides for the establishment of Inter-State Council (ISC).

➖ The objective of the ISC is to discuss or investigate policies, subjects of common interest, and disputes among states.

🔺 Temporary or permanent body?

➖ The articles says that ISC may be established “if at any time it appears to the President that the public interests would be served by the establishment of a Council”.

➖ The constitution itself did not establish the ISC, but kept the option for its establishment open.

🔹 Establishment as permanent body

➖ This option was exercised in 1990.

➖ The ISC was established as a permanent body on 28 May 1990 by a presidential order on the recommendation of the Sarkaria Commission.

➖ It had recommended that a permanent Inter-State Council called the Inter-Governmental Council (IGC) should be set up under Article 263.

➖ It cannot be dissolved and re-established.

➖ Therefore, the current status of ISC is that of a permanent constitutional body.

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