Must Read News Articles-January 25

Important Articles

Centre seeks to withdraw its jallikattu notification-Note-Jallikattu

SC rejects plea to put off BCCI panel appointment-Issue-BCCI Appointment

India to ratify amended version of Kyoto Protocol-Note-Kyoto Protocol

In a rare display, Tejas to thunder over Rajpath-Note-Tejas ( indigenously developed light combat aircraft)

What’s in a name? The future of an ecosystem, apparently-Note-Future of Ecosystem

Improved Pinaka rockets test-fired-Note-Pinaka Rocket


Bridging the Gulf-Issue-India and UAE Relations

Navigating a Trumpian world-Indian foreign policy will need less red lines and greater agility and pragmatism as the country seeks to find its place in this Age of Uncertainty

Lift the veil of secrecy-Issue-Demonetisation






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