SUPACE Portal : Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Court’s Efficiency


  • The Supreme Court has unveiled its Artificial Intelligence (AI) portal SUPACE, designed to make research easier for judges, thereby easing their workload.


  • A pet project of the former Chief Justice of India S A Bobde, the SUPACE is a tool that collects relevant facts and laws and makes them available to a judge.
  • The Supreme Court’s system is not designed to take decisions, but only to process facts and to make them available to judges looking for input for a decision.
  • The CJI had then said that AI is to the intellect, what muscle memory is to the mind.
  • SUPACE will produce results customized to the need of the case and the way the judge thinks.
  • This will be time-saving. It will help the judiciary and the court in reducing delays and pendency of cases.
  • AI will present a more streamlined, cost-effective and time-bound means to the fundamental right of access to justice.
  • It will make the service delivery mechanism transparent and cost-efficient.

Source: Indian Express

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