Wheat Production in India

Wheat Production in India

❇️ India is the second-largest producer of wheat in the world, with China being the top producer and Russia the third-largest — Ukraine is the world’s eighth-largest producer of wheat.

✔️ Punjab has emerged as the biggest wheat producer state in 2020-21.

✔️ Wheat can be grown not only in the tropical and sub-tropical zones, but also in the temperate zone.

✔️ The best wheat are produced in areas favoured with cool, moist weather during the major portion of the growing period followed by dry, warm weather to enable the grain to ripen properly.

✔️ Wheat is grown in a variety of soils of India.

➖ Soils with a clay loam or loam texture, good structure and moderate water holding capacity are ideal for wheat cultivation.

➖ Care should be taken to avoid very porous and excessively drained oils.

➖ Soil should be neutral in its reaction.

➖ Heavy soil with good drainage are suitable for wheat cultivation under dry conditions.

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