Char Chinari island


  • Jinxed by vanishing mighty chinars, iconic island Char Chinari in the middle of the Dal lake in Srinagar, which became famous after the Bollywood song ‘Accha To Hum Chalte’ was shot there in the 1970s, has been brought to life again.

About Char Chinari island

  • The island, in fact, owes its name to Chinar trees, as Char Chinari means four Chinars.

    Char Chinari island
    Photo Credit: NISSAR AHMAD
  • Char Chinar, also sometimes called Char ChinariRopa Lank, or Rupa Lank, is an island in Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The island located on the Lakut Dal (small Dal) is known as Roph Lank (Silver Island), is marked with the presence of majestic Chinar trees at the four corners, thus known as Char-Chinari (Four Chinars).
  • Murad Baksh, brother of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, constructed the Roph Lank.

About Chinar trees

  • Chinar trees characteristically grow in Eastern Himalayas.
  • They have been an important part of Kashmiri tradition, in that, a Chinar tree is found in almost every village in Kashmir. These trees have survived for ages, because Chinar is basically a long-living tree.
  • It spreads wide across a region of cool climate with sufficient water. The tree has several properties – leaves and bark are used as medicine, the wood, known as lace wood, has been used for delicate furniture and the twigs and roots are used for making dyes.

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