CSR Summit for Pioneering Cochlear Implant Surgery


  • A few children, who have overcome hearing and impairment and have started to hear and respond (which is not less than a miracle) with the Cochlear Implant Surgery under CSR initiative of Airport Authority of India (AAI) through ALIMCO were also present along with their parents and they communicated with the guests on the occasion.

About Cochlear Implant:

Cochlear Implant is an electronic device having two parts (External and Internal). Internal part is surgically implanted in the skull (Cochlear) by ENT surgeons. Post-operative rehabilitation is undertaken by Audiologist and speech language pathologist and special educator of Hearing Impaired. Parent have very important role in stimulating child to learn speech and language at home and maintain the external part (Processor). Details process of home bound training is also available on website: www.cochlearimplant.in.    

Children with hearing loss as young as 12 months old and within 5 years of age can be eligible for a cochlear implant under ADIP scheme as per the criteria of ADIP Scheme of Govt. of India.

The cochlear implant technology may help children who:

  • Have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears
  • Receive little or no benefit from hearing aids
  • No Development Delay or Mental Retardation 


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