Object of E-Governance-GS-2

The object of E-Governance is to provide a SMARRT Government. The Acronym SMART refers to Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive, Responsible and Transparent Government.

– The use of ICT brings simplicity in governance through electronic documentation, online submission, online service delivery, etc.

M –
It brings Morality to governance as immoralities like bribing, red-tapism, etc. are eliminated.

A – It makes the Government accountable as all the data and information of Government is available online for consideration of every citizen, the NGOs and the media.

R – Due to reduced paperwork and increased communication speeds and decreased communication time, the Government agencies become responsive.

R – Technology can help convert an irresponsible Government Responsible. Increased access to information makes more informed citizens. And these empowered citizens make a responsible Government.

T – With increased morality, online availability of information and reduced red-tapism the process of governance becomes transparent leaving no room for the Government to conceal any information from the citizens.

These objects of E-Governance are achievable with the use of ICT and therefore the concept is very alluring and desirable.

Source: Indiaegovernance

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