PolyCycl (patented) technology

  • PolyCycl (patented) technology converts waste plastics to high-value industrial fuels and chemical feedstock for petrochemicals. “Such conversion is enabled by the company’s fully-continuous depolymerisation process, which cracks and re-arranges longer-chain hydrocarbons in plastics to shorter-chain hydrocarbons in petroleum fuels.
  • In 2016, the company set up India’s first continuous demonstration plant for conversion of municipal plastics to petroleum fuels near Chandigarh. “Compared to first-generation batch variants, PolyCycl’s continuous process technology down-shifts the capital and operational cost requirements by upto 50%, thereby enabling robust project economics and cashflows. The technology stands patented with several more patents in the pipeline in USA, EU and India,” he says. The technology has been a recipient of the national award at the India Innovation Initiative and was a finalist at the Cleantech Open at San Jose, USA.
  • PolyCycl has also partnered with Ramky Environment — India’s largest waste management company — to set up multiple plastic-to-fuel plants in the country. In stage 1, PolyCycl and Ramky are co-investing to implement an upcoming plastic-to-fuel project at Hyderabad (India), where Ramky has municipal concession till 2037.
  • Pyro oil can be used as furnace oil, to run generators and any process that requires heating. It is an efficient fuel for factories. As it has low residue, it is safe for the environment.


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