Scientific Social Responsibility

  • Prime Minister has underlined the need to inculcate the concept of ‘scientific social responsibility,’ akin to corporate social responsibility, to connect the leading institutions with all stakeholders, including schools and colleges.
  • The idea is to create an environment for sharing of ideas and resources by providing opportunity to the brightest and best of brains in every corner of India to excel in science.
  • “This will ensure that our youth get high-end training and exposure to the best of science and technology to make them job-ready in a competitive world”.
  • Pledging government’s support to building a strong S&T infrastructure that is accessible to academia, start-ups, industry and R&D labs, the Prime Minister sought to address the problems of ease of access, maintenance, redundancy and duplication of expensive equipments.
  • In this connection, he mooted the idea of establishing professionally-managed centres in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode to house high-value scientific equipment. 

Hub and spoke model

  • “Laboratories, research institutions and universities in each major city and region should be interlinked to function on a hub and spoke model.
  • The hubs will share major infrastructure, drive our national science missions and be the engines that link discovery to application.
  • Referring to the constraints involved in securing and completing research projects, he indicated the need to ensure ‘ease of doing science’ as an empowering factor for scientific delivery.

Source:The Hindu

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