What is Patagotitan?

  • “Patagotitan” which means a “giant from Patagonia,” is a new contender to the title of world’s biggest dinosaur. Weighing nearly 70 tons — heavier than 10 adult African elephants — this dinosaur was the largest animal to ever walk on earth, according to some scientists.

  • This plant-eating beast first made headlines in 2014, after a rancher from Patagonia in Argentina discovered a fossil bone. Last year, the American Museum of Natural History added a cast of the 122-foot-long dinosaur to its exhibit. Its neck and head are so long that they extend outside the gallery.

  • More than 150 Patagotitan fossils have been unearthed there over the past few years.

  • Patagotitan, which lived about 100 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period, is considered a titanosaur, a diverse lineage of plant-eating, long-necked dinosaurs with long tails that walked on four legs.


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