Prelims In Focus-Part-02

Prelims in Focus

Prelims in Focus, an Abhiyan Initiative to quickly navigate through the important facts, current affairs, static portion which is short and to the point to enrich your knowledge base along with conceptual clarity. Our Prelims in Focus initiative will be an added advantage to clear UPSC Prelims Examinations. We will continue our Monthly Pre-Bits Flash Liner along with this initiative. In this initiative, we will cover 10-15 important facts on a daily basis. You can join our Telegram Channel too to read these articles. Click here to Join.

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Prelims in Focus-Part-02

  1. The domestic content requirement (DCR) category is the mandate for solar projects in India to utilize domestically manufactured solar modules and cells.

  2. Haiyang 2C
    ➖Chinese oceanography satellite designed to measure wave height and winds
    ➖Equipped with grid fins to help control the first stage’s descent back to Earth
    ➖Launched into a lower-inclination orbit to allow the satellite to cover territory more often.
  3. Retrospective Taxation
    🔹Allows a country to pass a rule on taxing certain products, items or services and deals and charge companies from a time behind the date on which the law is passed.🔹Countries use this route to correct any anomalies in their taxation policies that have, in the past, allowed companies to take advantage of such loopholes.
  4. ESG Investing
    ➖Used synonymously with sustainable investing or socially responsible investing.➖While selecting a stock for investment, the ESG fund shortlists companies that score high on environment, social responsibility and corporate governance, and then looks into financial factors.

    ➖Schemes focuses on companies with environment-friendly practices, ethical business practices and an employee-friendly record.

  5. Cat Que Virus
    ➖Domestic pigs are considered to be the primary mammalian hosts.➖Formed a “natural cycle” in the local area and has the ability to spread in pigs and other animal populations through mosquitoes.

    ➖Belongs to the Simbu serogroup and infects both humans and economically important livestock species.

    ➖Humans can get infected through mosquitoes as well.

    Same genus as CQV and are similarly transmitted through mosquitoes includes:

    🔹Cache valley virus that can cause meningitis,
    🔹La Crosse virus that can cause paediatric encephalitis,
    🔹Jamestown Canyon virus that causes Jamestown Canyon encephalitis
    🔹Guaroa virus that causes febrile illness.

  6. Federalism, like constitutionalism and separation of powers, is not mentioned in the Constitution. But it is the very essence of our constitutional scheme.
  7. As per Union of India v H.S.Dhillon (1972), constitutionality of parliamentary laws can be challenged only on two grounds — that the subject is in the State List, or that it violates fundamental rights.
  8. The foundation of the Regiment of Artillery was laid on September 28 in 1827 when Bombay Artillery, later renamed 5 Bombay Mountain Battery, was raised.➖In May 1857, the mutiny by Indian soldiers started in the artillery of the Army of the Bengal Presidency.
  9. Today, the Artillery of Indian Army consists of a dynamic inventory which ranges from Ballistic Missile, Multi-Barrel Rocket launchers, High Mobility Guns, Mortars Precision Guided Munitions for destruction of enemy targets to Radars, UAVs and Electro optic devices for locating and carrying out Post Strike Damage Assessment (PSDA).
  10. Deep fakes’ are computer-generated images and videos made using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Criminals using AI software are now able to easily superimpose a person’s face on to an existing video or photograph.

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